Hate the experience, love the lesson

I’ve had a rough time. I’m here to tell you about that rough time. I’m here to tell you about this new, good time I’m having now. I’m here to show you that our pasts do not define us. Most of all, I am here to LIVE. My experiences at the hands of others will not take anything away from the love of life that I have finally reclaimed. I have blossomed.

No actual names will be used here so –

Dramatis personae:

Beatrice – a strong woman

Malvolio – a villain

Macduff – infant son of Beatrice

Names borrowed from the good Bard, events ripped straight from the pages of history.

For a definition of abuse in intimate relationships click here. If you or someone you know is expereincing abuse you can find help here. Break the silence, break the cycle. The rest of the world is rooting for us.

Thanks for joining me.

B x